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Draw the Line that separates

your future

from your past.



I'm Tina Ebsen, MA LMFT ATR, a second-generation, licensed marriage and family therapist and clinical art therapist based out of Ventura County, California.  

I specialize in person-centered work with people struggling to find contentment, meaning, and balance in their lives.


I provide support and guidance through self-discovery and understanding, learning and making well-informed changes  that bring you closer to the life you envision for yourself.


Uniquely Qualified in Autism Spectrum and Trauma; Sub-specialties in  Optimal Living for All


Learning essential life skills and setting them into  foundational practices to care for oneself is a challenge.


We work to identify the barriers, build on practices, and move forward to craft the life you want. 

Autism, Disability

Whereas, Autism or Disability is not the focus of treatment but an added layer to the problems that brings one into therapy.

A therapist needs to be competent and equipped to support you in improving your mental health.


AAC users welcome. 


Struggles in relationships weigh heavy on your heart. Real change is possible and works best when both partners come into counseling.


However, you can take steps in discovering more about yourself and making changes that will disrupt the dynamic that keeps things the same. 

Absented Self

Commonly people don't feel good about themselves or where they are in life. They feel stuck, and miserable, or unfulfilled. Often shame and a critical inner voice are a part. 

We work to regain power and freedom to move into the authentic joyful life everyone deserves.

Trauma Treatment

In our work together, we heal the wounds of the past so you can find peace and freedom from the pain of your experience and the resulting symptoms. 

Those with sexual trauma may especially benefit, including people with disabilities who do not speak.

Efficiency  Practices

Cultivating peace in your life by eliminating frustrations and increasing productivity or effectiveness.


Efficiency practices and tools can be applied to task and time management in your work, including your domestic duties. You can live with ease.

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